Are you afraid you might be annoying people when you post on social media? Obviously we’re not going out of our way to annoy people here. And … it’s important that we share our personality as well as our images on Social Media so in affect we are scaring off a whole bunch of folk who simply are not a good fit for us. 

I speak to people often who have done the Dare workshop and there are two reasons for not sharing enough content. Well 3 but we’ll discount laziness in this instance. The first is rejection. People are afraid of being rejected or the feeling of being rejected. The fact of the matter is if everyone who ever lived didn’t follow their dreams because they were afraid of getting their and/or ideas rejected we’d still be living in caves I suspect. 

Thomas Edison had over 10,000 apparent failures before he went on to invent the electric lightbulb. Walt Disney was rejected over 300 times for a bank loan to finance his dream of Disneyworld. JK Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before she became the most successful author of all time. 

As for annoying people. We all have that part of us that wants to be liked. We’re all born with that little people pleaser element inside of us. But the reality is when you think about annoying people you have probably one or two people in mind who you think you might be annoying. They might actually be getting annoyed. But they are not buying your work are they?

When you are on social media have your ideal client in mind and talk to them as if you were addressing them and them alone. 

It is so important to post content and to post it consistently. 

Have a wonderful Saturday guys. 


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