what is dare?

The Dare Wedding Photography Experience is a fun, alternative, no holds barred approach to wedding photography training; a spirited investigation into what it takes to stand out from the crowd. The workshop transcends all of the cliched approaches to wedding photography. This is not a couple of days where you can pick up a few tips and ideas that could just as easily be found on google.

To be truly original as a photographer or artist takes abandoning a lot of the habits and preconceptions we have accumulated and with this in mind the workshop is fresh, original and void of wishful thinking.

Dare is also about jumping in at the deep end. Often, when we sign up for a workshop, we want to know everything that is going to transpire before we arrive, have you noticed that? This is not what Dare is about. Creative growth is not born out of comfort. It is born out of pushing outside of our comfort zone and being courageous. As a consequence our photography will have an edge of originality that can’t be pinned down by others.

In short … Dare is an invitation to you to break out of the habitual way of doing things. It is an invitation to Dare.