Hi. I’m Gary (aka Marshal Gray). Thank you for checking out the Dare website. I came up with the Dare workshop around 5 years ago and I have been facilitating it in London and worldwide ever since. When I first created a workshop it was pretty much a standard affair – a shoot, a little chat about marketing and branding, a model shoot and a little post production. After one or two workshops I just got it that whilst I was sharing a lot of information there was something missing. It was like people were asking me how I took the photographs I took and for sure I could explain technically and I could give them a whole bunch of tips and tricks … but still it felt as if that was simply surface level stuff.



And so I created the Dare. photography experience. For me my style is all about being courageous, inventive, taking risks and pushing through my boundaries both with my photography and my photography business.  All training is of value and for me, where Dare stands apart, is that it supports you to let go of your inhabitions and to begin to move in the direction of being fearless with your work.

Please check out my portfolio / website here:  MARSHAL GRAY PHOTOGRAPHY