What do you want by getting what you want?

Read the question again.  If you got what you wanted in life (you have to use your imagination here guys) what is it that you actually wanted by getting what you want? We all have dreams and goals we aspire to accomplish and have you ever stopped to think what it is you actually want by achieving them? So like how would your life change and how would you feel? It’s an intriguing question when you dig deep.

What I’ve seen with regards to many of the things I thought I wanted is that my life, my general day to day experience, didn’t alter that much. This is for the simple reason that when we think of our dreams in that way we only ever envision the picture on the beach and don’t take into account the minuture of life. We don’t see the million and one things that we have to do each day which is a prerequisite of being human.

When you reach your destination, when you accomplish your goal, you are still going to have to go to the bathroom,you are still going to have to brush your teeth, walk from A to B, put up with delayed flights, suffer from hay-fever, deal with rude people, feed the cat and a million and one other such things that, as I said, are part and parcel of being human. I think what we really want is freedom. And the only place we can ever find that is in embracing this moment now and everything that is within it.

Goals are important. I thrive on the buzz of chasing my dreams but it’s the journey, the thousand steps along the way, that matter the most and having an awareness of this is why I always have the intention to be present and in the moment. In my experience the feeling of euphoria that comes with achievement lasts a few hours max. So what is freedom? For me I feel most free, most like myself, when I step outside of my thinking and I’m present in the moment.

Dreams and goals are a wonderful thing up to a point. Real life is here and it’s now.