20 years ago I was dragged up to the north of England by a group of friends who insisted I’d benefit from attending a personal development course that was being run there.

Reluctantly I went along, a moment of weakness you might call it.

What followed was 4 days that changed my life forever.

In this day and age, there a million and one outlets for self development. You only have to go into Waterstones where there are rows upon rows of self help books. There is also training delivered in the workplace and a whole bunch of spiritual mediums on the internet, you tube etc. All serve a purpose.

I myself have dipped into all of these other options thru the years. However; I have never come across anything that can compete with the facilitation of the original course I went on. I think that is because the guys that are faciliating it have to train for many years before they are let loose to deliver the workshop themselves. In fact, from what I can gather, in the 45 years or so the course has been running, there has neen no more than a handful of facilitators, including the original founder.

I’ve been on other workshops where it’s pretty much some guy reading from a manual without having had any real experience of what the manual is saying. There is a big difference between interlectual understanding and experiencial. I benefited from these workshops too, for sure, and there wasn’t the depth of benefit I got from the original weekend. No where close.

This week I returned to Bradford to review that very same workshop, I’ve done so many times over the years, and once again it blew my mind. Worry, anziety, all of those what-ifs fell away over the course of the few days and once again I find myself empowered with the fearlessness I had many years ago when I founded the Dare workshop. It is also the funniest 3 days I’ve had in a long time. If you think you benefited from the Dare Workshop – you’ve not experienced anything yet.

The weekend for me is akin to the movie ‘The Matrix’. It’s like we’re living in a dream. Over the course of the weekend … we wake up from the dream. We disconnect from the Matrix. In the film however; the characters wake up into a new kind of nightmare. The good news is that when you wake up from the dream in reality … it’s a pretty damn cool place to be.

If you would like more information on the course, please let me know. As I am aiming to head back in May. There is also small seminar, the abundance workshop, which will also serve as a kind of taster to the main course that takes place in London on 23rd March that I will be attending if anybody wishes to come along. It’s £25 and is 4 hours long.