What happens at the two day workshop? Ok … this may sound a little offbeat and the fact of the matter is you’re gonna have to take a leap on this. I could tell you the whole deal and the fact is Dare is different to a lot of workshops in that it is an experiential workshop rather than just giving you a whole bunch of tips n tricks you could have googled. If I told you what happens over the two days it would not make a lot of sense out of context.

To know you have to participate. I understand this goes against the norm and for sure there is an element of trust. And, I have faciliated the workshop enough times to know that it works better the less people know going in.  What I can tell you is that you will be challenged and invited to question everything that is holding you back in photography and photography business.

I make my money from photographing weddings, which I love, so there the workshop tips it’s hat in that direction. And first and foremost I am an artist and the workshop is open to photographers of all genres.

You will depart the  workshop feeling as powerful as you’ve felt in a long time. You’ll feel alive and in touch with your own originality, abandoning all of those reference points that are clung to as a kind of security blanket, and you’ll be ready to kick down some creative doors and MAKE SOME NOISE in this wonderful world of photography.

There will be live shoots on both days.

The next workshop is in LONDON town on 9-10 Sep 2019.