The Best Wedding Photography Workshops

Oct 21, 2018

It’s possibly a little arrogant that I would say my own workshop is one of the best wedding photography workshops around. I understand. But I think sometimes a little arrogance goes a long way and is a worthwhile cross to bare if you truly believe in your hear, that people will benefit from something. The reason I feel my workshop is a standout experience is because it transforms not only people’s creative output but it transforms their lives too. I have had letters from dozens of Dare participants in recent years and all have experienced profound benefits from doing the Dare 2-day workshop.

When I wrote Dare it was my intention that the workshop was not going to be a usual painting by numbers kind of deal. I didn’t want to facilitate an event that people could just have easily have googled. I wanted them to be challenged, and I wanted them to have a concrete experience of having grown in ability over the two days.

Over the two day event, through processes, challenges and interaction Dare participants gain an experiential, rather than intellectual, insight into what it means to be original. The post support is also invaluable to the degree where I often say the workshop really begins at the end of day 2.

Dare is creative rocket fuel. It empowers like no other workshop or photography training that I have come across. It shifts peoples confidence at an accelerated rate it truly does. And Dare always works. Always. There is also no hierarchy of talent at my workshop. Beginners and photographers with many years experience all benefit to the same degree. They start at the level they are at and shift and grow in relation to that.

Dare is a collaboration. It’s innovative and it’s a groundbreaking approach to creative photography.

Give yourself this wonderful gift. It really will blow you away. And so, taking all that into account, I truly do consider Dare to be one of the best wedding photography workshops around.

Full details here: The Dare Photography Experience