Things can get a LITTLE HOT …
… at Dare as it’s is pretty much an invitation to set light to mediocrity, and if we’re gonna burn bright we need to light a few fires. All you need to participate is a willingness to Dare a little. Oh and ya might want to bring a camera. HOMECONTACT


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What happens at the two day workshop? You’re gonna have to take a leap on this. I could tell you the whole deal … and the fact is … Dare is different to a lot of workshops in that it is purely an experiential workshop and out of context it doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense. What I can tell you is that you will be challenged and invited to question everything that is holding you back in photography and photography business.

You will depart the  workshop feeling as powerful as you’ve felt in a long time, ready to take charge like never before and totally ready to kick down some creative doors and MAKE SOME NOISE in this wonderful world of photography.

There will be live shoots on both days.

The next workshop is in LONDON town on 9-10 Sep 2019.


Editing, presets, create em, make up. A deep sea dive into lightroom, workflow and then on to fine art embellishment in photoshop. How to edit for backlight, front-light, curves, levels, custom brushes. I will show you how to create your own styled presets and a base preset you can use as a springboard for all your future emulations.

I have just purchased a two thousand pound Sony a7III and the iphone is still my favourite piece of kit bar none. The smartphone is a genius little DARKROOM in our pockets. This workshop takes in two hours of street photography, a one hour portrait shoot and an hour of post production – ALL IN PHONE. Be prepared to be rocked sideways with this. I will also cover a BONUS of tips and tricks that will revolutionise your social media output.

Guerrilla style street photography workshops. Hitting the streets, in the thick of it adopting both the hit n run approach and the Henri Cartier Bresson decisive moment technique. Check out my street photography work here … @the_street_thief

Kicking off with a skype or meet-up to brainstorm a plan of attack before embarking on a one day 8 hour creative intensive. I will share with you every aspect of my creative experience both in taking photographs and in photography business. You will be invited to envision and write down a 2-3 page journal outlining the narrative of a future you. (sound barmy? it is … and it works) This future you is you 10 years from now. This future you has cracked it and he’s coming back in time with a little roadmap which is going to blow your mind.

A sweet trolley of instagram delight. Learn to create instastories and wall posts that drip with personality. Using a cocktail of non-native apps, super cool gifs, music and other embellishments to create a scrapbook for your audience of your daily life. This is all about pimping what you put out so people STOP and take notice. I want to be genuine I hear you say. My life isn’t always exciting. Look … kids out of the room, cards on the table, the fact of the matter is nobody is truly genuine on social media. Are you the same online as you are when you’re having a beer with freinds? The fact is we are not ourselves totally online. So if we have to pretend why not create the coolest damn online persona we can.