Apr 21, 2018 | Dare Recommends, Uncategorized

I’ve finally gotten round to doing a little write-up for SmartSlides by Pixellu – a wonderfully innovative slideshow facility. Slideshows for me are emparative for my clients experience. Photography and music combined is a wonderful thing and for a while now I’ve been looking for a way of creating slideshows that are simple, efficient, and whereby I wouldn’t be embarrassed to share my end result with the wider-world at large. (Non-Copyright music can literally make us want to throw up at the best of times and SmartSlides has pretty much remedied that with some pretty damn cool tunes.).

Below is an embedded version of a slideshow I created of some of my portraits. You can check out how it looks on the SmartSlides website here.

The simplicity of smart-slides is what appeals to me most. Everything is in one place. And everything is online. Prior to using smart-slides I was having to create my show in one software, then I’d have to upload the whole thing to Vimeo, or you tube, then I’d have to embed this into my website and make sure the whole thing was locked down and password protected. The beauty of SmartSlides, like I said is that everything is in one place. You upload your images, apply a track or two and you send a link to your client direct from the site.

You can also brand your smart-slides account so that it’s totally in alignment with your website. And … the option to embed into your site is there if you choose to do so. Another cool feature the guys have recently added is beat-matching. You have to play around with different tracks to get it kind of perfect and it’s a whole lot of fun doing so. There is also a download option so your clients can store the slideshow to their hard-drive. I’m sure there are a bunch of features I’ve not explored and I’ll be sure to update this blog as we go along.

And so … is SmartSlides perfect? Well no. I personally would like a little more manuevability with certain areas of the set-up and the upload time is a little stretched out. More music would also be a plus. And … this is just nit-picking. All in all smart-slides rocks and I totally recommend getting on board.