New York Photography Training 2017

“If I’d lived in Roman times, I’d have lived in Rome. Where else?
Today America is the Roman Empire and New York is Rome itself.
John Lennon


The sounds of the city flow in through an open window. A group of photographers are enjoying breakfast, coffee and conversation. The group is excited, if a little edgy. It is the first day of a daring, two day street photography workshop that will take place on the streets of New York city.

This gang have a mission: To capture the characters and city life in all it’s glory and to do so with fearless intent. At the end of the workshop they will have created a treasure chest of images that will radically invigorate their portfolio.

The group get up and head out onto the streets. It’s time to start shooting. It’s time to Dare.


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New York - Manhattan / Brooklyn
November 2018 (Dates TBA)
(a two day workshop)
Price of Admission - $550.00



New York. There isn't a city I've visited that is more ripe with character diversity. It is simply perfect for the workshop I have planned. Over this two day workshop you will be challenged like never before to be daring with your photography approach. We will shoot during the day in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. At night we will hit the town and have some fun.


(Over the two days we will dive into the following practices).

  • How to feel scared and be able to push through that boundary.
  • Capturing the decisive moment.
  • The Dare hit and run method.
  • Guerilla speed shooting.
  • Taking great street portraits.
  • What to do if someone gets pissed off when you take their photography.
  • The art of storytelling.
  • A 2 hour smart phone street photography session.
  • Breaking the rules is ok and it’s friggin’ fun.

Dare is an experience that will radically change your approach to photography. It will give you the tools to step out of your comfort zone and to push through barriers you wouldn't have thought possible. All is required of you is that you take a leap. All you need to do ... is DARE a little.

The following are a bunch of images I stole in 2015. I visited New York twice that year. The pics are spread across Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Please contact Gary below to book a place or deliver any questions you may have.

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