The show is on the road. I’ve embarked on a new street photography project called “Faces of Brick Lane”. (see instagram account for frequent posts and updates). Brick Lane is a place close to my heart as my family grew up there. An East-London tapestry of diversity, character, colour and the ever present echo of a rich London history. I want to capture the heart and soul of the place as it is, to get a feel for the people who live and work there, and also those who are passing thru, with a combination of street photography and street portraits.

Some of the images will come attached with a story, sometimes long, sometimes short, and some will be simply snippets of life on the move.  I was fairly humbled on day one with the portrait side of things, everyone was welcoming and I’m so looking forward to future trips. I also have a collection of images from past years that I’ve taken in Brick Lane and will be sharing some of that work also. I am excited for this new adventure. I hope you like the images and stories.



26|06|19 | BRICK LANE MICK | Stone Roses Drummer circa 1995/7

As I embark on this new project I think it is perfectly fitting that the first image I post is of a legend from these parts – ‘Brick Lane Mick’ Taylor, the Sartorialist of Brick Lane who passed away in September 2017. I must have taken a few dozen photographs of Mick between 2015-2017 and I always found him to be one of the most heartwarming people around – a true old school East-Londoner. For around 50 years he was found outside the Beigel Bakery and was renowned for the amazing outfits he wore.

R.I.P. Mick, they broke the mould.

26|06|19 | MUS having a little break | THE HAIRY bastard

26|06|19 | ROBBIE MADDIX | Stone Roses Drummer circa 1995/7

to cap an awesome day one, the stars decided to totally align for me, as I ran into Stone Roses Drummer circa 1995-1997 Robbie Maddix. (Robbie was a friend of the band and Joint during one of Mani’s MIA periods) What a killer punch for my first day.
The Stone Roses are one of my favourite bands.

And so around an hour into shooting, the first day on this new project, and this cool and confident guy Calum is stood in the doorway of the Cream Vintage Clothing Shop having a coffee and cig break.
Me: Hey Mate, can I take your photography?
Calum: As long as I don’t have to move.
Me: It’s for a new project I’m doing.
Calum: Everyone’s doing a new project round here 🙂

26|06|19 | The Lindsey Family – JUST PASSING THRU

26|06|19 | Nicky & Davy enjoying the SUNSHINE via food and jeans shop

16|06|19 | Addey & Lindsay | passing thru and making me smile

26|06|19 | Stuart & Friend | Skin of their teeth.
These two characters were sitting at a bar on the
corner of Brick Lane, made it in by the skin of
their teeth.

26|06|19 | UNKNOWN | man walking

26|06|19 | Russell & Ataur | Restaraunt (name pending)
Diamond gents.


26|06|19 | a GENTLEMAN | it’s the smile.
A slight cheat as this guy was sitting around 20ft off of Brick Lane on Hanbury Street.