“Those who Dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”


(The Calm Before the next day storm).
Deborah arrives first. She’s a little tired bless on account of her drive. I love Debs immediately and she was like an angel on my shoulder for the three days. We’re already best friends. Tara arrives a little later. I’ve not seen her for an age and I’ve been so excited that she’s coming back to review the workshop with a little arm twisting. Debs and Tara and my beautiful cousin Leanne were such great support over the next few days and did all of the cooking why I was pretending to be tired in the back garden. Leanne has been taking photos for less time than anybody but you’d never know it. You can’t top an eastender for confidence.

Michelle and Olesja arrived the next morning. Michelle is such a beautiful person with the sweetest quiet confidence. and I know straight away we’re gonna get on great. Olesja is pretty much like me. A pain in the bum. And … a wonderful human being. It’s always a big support having someone at the workshop who will dig you for questions via a passionate want to know more. ¬†Emma and Hang both of whom have done the workshop before came last. Emma is fast becoming my soul mate. We just have fun together. Hang is a like a delicate little sunflower who would light up any workshop.

The workshop itself was kind of small in numbers this time around and it wasn’t short on energy. My temporary lodger Nick modeled on day one and day two with his girlfriend Beth. Both were absolute rock stars and I think we smashed it with some great frames. I’m so excited to see what the other participants got up to.

The next workshop will be in London on the 5th & 6th of November and I’m already excited.

The images below are some of my favs from the 2 days shot on my 35mm and Emma’s 24mm. (thanks ems).

Images edited with Dare Presets. Black & White (hamburg) Colour (faces).