Oct 16, 2018

If you’re not going to have fun you may as well not bother.
I see often photographers come to the workshop and it’s like they’ve forgotten why they started out in photography in the firstplace. They’ve lost the vibe. The buzz. They’ve become entrenched in a so called industry forgetting that it is us that creates the industry in the first place.
If I stopped having fun with photography I’d take the thing straight a charity shop and if I was having an off day I’d throw it in the bin. There is zero point as far as I can see doing this job if you’re not going to enjoy it. It’s fun.
So have fun. Don’t be at the affect having to live up to a so called industry. For sure be inspired, and solicit opinion, but be your own authority. The single biggest giveaway of having taken a good photograph is if you feel good about it.
Trust yourself.
And for heaven sake … HAVE FUN!!!!