what if the stories we tell ourselves about not being ready and not being good enough are a total myth? dare is about waking people up to that being the case.

diversion on the curious origins of Dare

My name is Gary (aka Marshal Gray.) See wedding portfolio … MARSHAL GRAY

Dare was conjured up by me when an old gray wizard visited my dreams one night and said you must create a photography experience for the dream weavers and miracle believers and you must call it Dare and you must do it now and I did. Actually that’s bullshit. I kind of just like the name Dare. And … I love genies and miracles do happen so why let the truth get in the way of a good story. To those of you who may wish to dare. you’ve come to the right place. the intention of Dare photography training is to wake people up. It’s as simple as that. It might sound a little harsh but as humanoids we live mostly in our minds like zombies without the dubious eating habits. My work shines brightest when I am able to tear away from that dazed and confused place and connect with life without the bullshit.

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