The Dare Photography Experience is a powerhouse two day trek into the heart of creative photography; a spirited investigation into what it takes to stand out from the crowd. The workshop transcends all of the cliched approaches to wedding photography. This is not a couple of days where you can pick up a few tips and ideas that could just as easily be found on google. You will be challenged and inspired to connect with your original creativity as well as dissolve a lot of the barriers that hold you back and stop you living the creative life you want.

(some of the topics and modules covered)

THAT THING ABOUT POSING One of the things that comes up for participants at the Dare workshop is that they frequently freeze or run out of ideas when shooting portraits. The processes at the Dare workshop serve to untangled all of this so that you will approach your portrait shoots with a new found spontaneity.

PERCEPTION Again, thru the processes at Dare we begin to unravel our conditioned way of looking at things. We begin to notice how we view life through the filter of thought and that to take the kind of photographs that inspire and that are original and fresh we have to get outside our thinking and into the present moment.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY AS AN ART FORM Weddings are still considered in many circles to be low down on the rung of the photography ladder. Not to me. I am a photographer and whether I am shooting a wedding, my children, street photography or taking a picture of a cup of coffee – my intention is to create art. Wedding photgraphers are some of the most accomplished photographers I know across all genres. The guys that are at the top of their game take it as serious as the war photographer does going into battle.

YOUR PERFECT CLIENT How do we attract the kind of clients we want? We attract them by being daring enough to be original. By being ourselves. By abandoning our references points. Dare is designed to support you to begin to stand on your own two feet with regards to original intent.

THE DARE BAROMETER Over the two days you will have an experience of being under pressure and yet being able to create awesome photographs at the same time. You will get to see how we unconsiously let fear guide us and as a consquence our photographs are uncertain and without confidence. The good news is you will leave the two days equipped with the tool to overcome this in what I have come to call … The Dare Barometer.

INTENSIVE TIME BLOCKING As well as marketing and the nut and bolts of my business approach I will delve in the importance of mastering your time schedule. How to spend less time and get more done.

THE ONE THING APPROACH There is a tendency, especially for photographers starting out in business to want to appeal to everyone everywhere. When we approach things in this way we are competing with everyone everywhere. As a result we tend to aim wide and spread ourselves thin. During the workshop you will learn the art of going small and thinking outside the box. We will also look at why multi tasking our way to success is a myth as well as the futility of check-lists.

TAKING CHARGE (You are ready now) Through faciliating the Dare workshop I have seen over and over how participants are quite often waiting for their style to emerge. They are waiting for the stars to aline and then they will leave their job and start a photography business. They are waiting to feel ready to share their work. They are waiting for the day they feel ready to start living their dream.

In short … they are waiting to feel ready. How about if you are never going to feel ready? How about if the secret of success is that although you don’t feel ready – you go ahead and do it anyhow? The Dare Experience will open you eyes like never before. You will leave the workshop with an intention to take charge and create yourself being exciting and original, behind the camera and in business.

SHOOTS We will have live shoots on both days. The shoots are fun, rewarding and confident boosting.

ALL WELCOME Dare is a fun and challenging workshop and over the two days a wonderful ‘we’re all in it together’ energy comes about. All are welcome at the Dare workshop whether you are just starting out or have been shooting weddings for 20 years. There is no hierarchy of talent at Dare.

POST SUPPORT In some ways the Dare workshop truly starts at the end of Day two. We have an awesome online community and everyone who participates in Dare is invited into the group. It is a great place to continue practicing what you learn, to share inspiration and simply to network and have fun. Some of my best friends I met because they participated in a Dare workshop.

NO WORDS The above is the tip of the iceberg. It is difficult to convey in words the benefits of the Dare workshop because it is not an interlectual experience. Dare is also about jumping in at the deep end. Often, when we sign up for a workshop, we want to know everything that is going to transpire before we arrive, have you noticed that? This is not what Dare is about.

Creative growth is not born out of comfort. It is born out of pushing outside of our comfort zone and being courageous. As a consequence our photography will have an edge of originality that can’t be pinned down by others. In the end Dare is an invitation to you to break out of the habitual way of doing things …

… it is an invitation to Dare.


Me. 🙂 Gary – aka Marshal Gray. Thank you for checking out the Dare website. I came up with the Dare workshop around 5 years ago and I have been facilitating it in London and worldwide ever since.

When I first created a workshop it was pretty much a standard affair – a shoot, a little chat about marketing and branding, and a little post production. After one or two workshops I got it that whilst I was sharing a lot of information there was something missing.

It was like people were asking me how I took the photographs I took and for sure I could explain technically and I could give them a whole bunch of tips and tricks … but still it felt as if that was simply surface level stuff.

(I promise I’m not as grumpy as this picture in real life – I couldn’t find anymore 🙂 ) 

And so I created the Dare. photography experience. My approach has always been about being courageous, inventive, taking risks and pushing through my boundaries both with my images and my photography business.  

All training is of value and for me, And … where Dare stands apart, is that it supports you to let go of your inhabitions and to begin to move in the direction of being fearless with your work.

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2019 DATES

11-12 February
Price of Admission – £350.00